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Crafting functional spaces that seamlessly blend versatility and style, our building company creates customized home additions and extensions that elevate your home value and experience.

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Home Additions That Last a Lifetime

Upgrade your home with our customized additions, whether you need extra rooms for your family or a bigger garage for your hobbies. We specialize in crafting personalized spaces that blend seamlessly with your home’s style and functionality. Let us bring your dream additions to life with our attention to detail and commitment to quality, making your living space truly extraordinary.

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The Benefits to a Home Addition

Increased Living Space

Home additions offer increased living space, providing room for growing families or creating dedicated spaces for hobbies and entertainment.

Enhanced Functionality

Adding onto your home can enhance its functionality, offering opportunities for additional storage, workspace, or relaxation areas tailored to your needs.

Increase in Property Value

Home additions can significantly boost property value, offering a high return on investment while accommodating evolving lifestyle demands.

Some of Our Home Addition Services:

Here are just a few of the services that we offer for home additions.

Sunroom Additions

Kitchen Extensions

Garage Additions

Room Additions

Bedroom Additions

Bathroom Additions

Attic Additions

Studios & Offices

Hot Tub Enclosures


Select a step below to learn more about the process!

Consultation and Planning

  • Meet with a home addition contractor to discuss your needs, budget, and vision for the project.
  • Assess the feasibility of the addition in terms of zoning regulations, permits, and structural considerations.
  • Collaborate on design ideas and establish project goals.

Design Phase

  • Work with an architect or designer to create detailed plans and blueprints for the addition.
  • Review and finalize the design, ensuring it meets your requirements and complies with building codes.

Permitting and Approvals

  • Obtain necessary permits from local authorities for the construction of the addition.
  • Ensure that all plans and documentation meet regulatory requirements and zoning restrictions.

Preparation and Site Work

  • Prepare the construction site by clearing vegetation, leveling the ground, and ensuring proper drainage.
  • Demolish any existing structures or areas that will be replaced or modified by the addition.

Foundation and Framing

  • Excavate and pour the foundation for the addition, ensuring it is level and structurally sound.
  • Construct the framework of the addition, including walls, floors, and roof structure.

Utilities and Rough-Ins

  • Install plumbing, electrical wiring, and HVAC systems according to the planned layout.
  • Conduct inspections to verify compliance with building codes and safety standards.

Exterior Finishes

  • Apply exterior siding, roofing materials, windows, and doors to weatherproof the addition.
  • Ensure that exterior finishes match the existing style of the home for a cohesive appearance.

Interior Finishes

  • Install insulation, drywall, flooring, and trim work inside the addition.
  • Paint or wallpaper walls, and install fixtures such as lighting, switches, and outlets.

Final Touches and Inspections

  • Complete any remaining tasks such as landscaping, driveway paving, or installing outdoor amenities.
  • Schedule final inspections to verify that the addition meets all building codes and regulations.

Project Completion and Handover

  • Review the completed addition with the contractor to ensure satisfaction with the work.
  • Obtain any necessary certificates of occupancy or completion from local authorities.
  • Enjoy your newly expanded living space!

our home additions gallery

Explore some of our past projects below:

Home Additions Builder Airdrie
Home Additions Builder Airdrie
Home Additions Builder Airdrie
Home Additions Builder Airdrie
Home Additions Builder Airdrie
Home Additions Builder Airdrie
Home Additions Contractor Airdrie
Home Additions Contractor Airdrie
Home Additions Contractor Airdrie
Home Additions Contractor Airdrie
Home Additions Contractor Airdrie
Home Additions Contractor Airdrie
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